What is the ego? A false sense of center. 

That’s all. A fictional localization of identity. 

In the endless cosmic sea of bubbling champaign bliss, there can be no center. 

You can pretend there is a center and suffer the center’s joys and sorrows accordingly.

But who is pretending?

The game of the ego does not belong to the ego. Nor does it belong to the Eternal. 

The beginning of illusion is just as unreal as the illusion itself. 



Remember: You do not have to drop hundreds of dollars for a party in the desert to have a “transformational” experience. You do not have to go to the Amazon and contribute to culture-death in order to “heal” yourself. And if you believe that you must engage in these activities, then you have…

"Without self knowledge, without understanding the working and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will always remain a slave."

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff (via abystle)

"Every man and every woman is not only a part of God, but the Ultimate
God. ‘The Centre is every where and the circumference nowhere’ The old definition of God takes new meaning for us. Each one of us is the One God."

Aleister Crowley.
New Comment to AL I:4. (via liber-oz)

Two Types of Will

We possess two types of will. I have elsewhere used the illustration of a bullet. The bullet is driven by an explosion of cordite. But the cordite, although powerful, is quite harmless and inexplosive on its own. At the end of the bullet there is a tiny cap of a substance called mercuric fulminate, which explodes instantly on contact. The hammer of the gun explodes the fulminate, and the fulminate explodes the more powerful cordite. Man possesses a fulminate will and a cordite will. If I am doing some routine job, like mowing the lawn, I use my cordite will. But it burns rather dully. If something really excites me or arouses my sense of urgency, it is the fulminate will that explodes, and that produces a roar of power from the cordite will. The fulminate will is tied up with the imagination and sense of purpose, and these in turn detonate my ordinary will-power and vitality.


"If we live calm,monotonous days and peaceful nights, we stultify. We had better torture or own spirit than suffer the inanities of calm."